OHTA KAKEN CO.,LTD. has been producing resin for fishing net "NYLOFIX" since 1953.
We also has been producing resin for texitiles, fibers and fibrous materials including nets , ropes and industrial materials since 1953.

In addition, we have many manufacturing tanks and reaction tanks, so we carry out OEM manufacturing.

We have a textile processing research institute and a fishing net processing research institute, so we have testing facilities and machines that are comparable to those of public institutions.

Do you have any problem with your products? We can solve it.

Solution NO,1【Surface modification and Improved functionality】

Don't you want to these function with your products as follows? Increase transparency, Increase shinny, Increase breaking strength. We are manufacturing some chemicals for your products with functions as you need. Our products also can be changing surface of your synthetic fiber products and natural fiber products like a hard, soft and silky touch.

Solution NO,2【Surface modification and Improved functionality】

Don't you want to these function with your products as follows? The surface of silky touch, soft, smooth, sticky, hard, super hard. Our products can be changing surface condition only simple process.

Solution No, 3【Water resistanse】

It is an absolute requirement for product development that our products do not peel off from the fibers even if they are submerged in water for months.Even after washing in a washing machine for hundreds of hours, it will not fall off the fibers and shrink in size.The adhesive strength is so strong that it does not easily come off even when washed with a water jet washer.





Solution NO, 4【Easy clean and friendly to the human body and the environment】

Almost all of our products are water-based products. Does not use tar or heavy metals. DDirt does not easily adhere to the surface, and even if it does, it is easy to clean.



Solution NO, 5【Easy post-processing on any material】

Our products can be easily post-processed to adhere to surfaces. You can also adhesive on your products to your favorite color. Polyethylene and high density polyethylene are also easy.

Solution NO, 6 【Stability】

Our products has excellence stability. When you keep your warehouse for a long time our products difficult to sparete the igredient. Also when you dilute to water of our products it is difficult to separete the ingrerdient for a long time.






Improve the quality of your textiles and add value to your products.

We will scientifically elucidate the current problems and develop and provide chemicals that suit your product. Of course, we also provide processing guidance and performance tests. Please contact us for any post-processing of textiles.